Recently Viewed Items

Did you know? You can quickly and easily access items, people, events you've recently viewed. In the upper right corner of the RAMCO ribbon, click on:

recently viewed.png

A drop-down window will open where you can see the latest views and records you've recently visited. You can click on the record and reopen it. 

recently viewed 2.png

RAMCO Tip Sheets. Quick references to help you with common tasks in RAMCO such as:

Creating Dashboards

Advanced Find Views and Searching the System

Adding Products 

Creating Classes

Creating Meetings

You will need your training login to access the RAMCO Tip Sheets.

Need to find out information about one individual? Look up their contact record and click on the > next to their name in the ribbon across the top. A window will drop down with all the areas you can search on that one individual. In our example, we will look at what current committees Sara Lipnitz serves on. Select Committee Membership. 

RR 2.5.18.PNG

The default view will show ALL committees, current or expired. To find her current committees click on the drop-down arrow next to Committee Membership Associated View and select Active Committee Memberships

RR 2.5.18a.PNG

Now your view will only be of Sara’s current committees.

RR 2.5.18b.PNG